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July 01 2015

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"Die Mafia!" 01 | oil, acryl, spraycolor & edding on canvas | by ë
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"Die Mafia!" 02 | oil, acryl, spraycolor & edding on canvas | by ë 
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June 23 2015

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bunny 2008

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June 20 2015

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Ink on paper | A3 | anya orel | 2015
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May 27 2015

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evil bunny ®
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ink on paper

30x40 cm


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ink on paper

30x40 cm


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fett bunny | ink on paper | 30x40 cm


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May 25 2015

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ë - ornamental stenciling in pankow - new
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ë - ornamental animal stenciling in pankow - new
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May 18 2015

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anyo bunnypaintings...
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anyo bunnypaintings...
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anyo bunnypaintings...
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anyo bunnypaintings...
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anyo bunnypaintings...
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May 15 2015

Dr.Nojoke - Walking | original video by ë on Vimeo
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Mannheim Jungbusch

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balkon fußboden
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(by Dr. Nojoke)

The bond between Torsten alias E (E-Gruppe Berlin) and me dates back somewhat eight years ago.
We met at ZMF - Zur Möbelfabrik, Berlin, where we performed side by side.
At that time Torsten was part of the VC Visual Berlin e.V. collective.
I know Torsten as a heavily active graphic designer and VJ and … er … activist
He is a part of the Berlin scene for about 20 years.

We share a common understanding of things and life (I guess) so we are kind of deeply connected although we see us just once or twice a year.
One of his latest projects, which I really like very much, is Neue Deutsche Posterkunst. Check it here
I am the proud owner of three posters of this

Two times he chose my music for his clips. One of them is Sublimacy (featuring Kid Ritalin from Glasgow, who is rapping hard, fast and tough over some unsusal heavy beats of mine)
Watch here https://vimeo.com/11847125

Meanwhile Anya Orël and him work together under the moniker ë and in 2014 they became a mother and a father.

Thank you very, very much, Anya and Torsten, for spending some of your ultra-rare time to create this video in the so typical e-gruppe style.
I love you.

watch here https://vimeo.com/122479332

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April 16 2015

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